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19-20 апреля, 2018

Национальная научно-практическая конференция «ОБРАЗОВАНИЕ. ТРАНСПОРТ. ИННОВАЦИИ. СТРОИТЕЛЬСТВО»

ОТИС 2018

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About the conference

National Scientific and Practical Conference "EDUCATION. TRANSPORT. INNOVATION. CONSTRUCTION" (OTIS 2018) is held for the first time.

April 19-20, 2018 in Omsk at the Siberian State Automobile and Highway University (SibADI) the representatives of the Russian science and practitioners will gather.

Scientists, teachers, graduate students and undergraduates (in co-authorship with the scientific adviser) are invited to participate in the conference in the following scientific areas:

  1. Transport and construction machinery
  2. Problems and prospects of development of the transport complex
  3. Innovative development of the architectural and construction complex
  4. Information systems and technologies in the construction and transport complexes
  5. Economy and management in road-transport and construction complexes
  6. Modern challenges and prospective trends in training specialists

    Registration of conference participants and reception of papers is carried out until March 27, 2018.